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Meet Our Team

Elliot Bossen established Silverback Asset Management in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2002. Since the firm’s founding, Silverback has helped institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, family offices and qualified investors meet their needs/achieve their goals.

The Silverback team made this possible. Our investment team has deep knowledge of many different types of companies—from distressed to new issues—and has experience working management/creditors to align disparate priorities. This deep understanding allows for new, creative ways to leverage expertise and embed greater amounts of convexity when the market allows.

Our legal and compliance professionals have experience navigating multiple regulatory regimes while our operations staff has many years of experience both on the buy and sell sides and know the intricacies involved from when a trade is made to how it shows on a client’s statement. Finally, business development and investor relations bring the experience and perspective created for catering to clients globally. Across all areas, Silverback has cultivated network characterized by meaningful, actionable, long-term relationships.

Although our work is focused on exploiting market opportunities to achieve quality, risk-adjusted returns, we always remember to protect and manage our clients’ money as if it were our own. And even as the market changes, the principles that are core to who we are, will never change:

  • Our people are team players with true integrity.
  • We have the right processes, tools and methodologies.
  • We have a unique ability to manage and mitigate risk.
  • We are transparent in all that we do.

We believe the power of the team is greater than any one individual. We believe in collaboration, in bringing together multiple perspectives, disciplines and skill sets, in order to make the best possible decisions for our clients. It’s this philosophy, our process and results, that are our key differentiators.

elliot bossen

Elliot Bossen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Founded Silverback in 2002

Elliot founded Silverback Asset Management in 2002 and serves as the firm’s CEO and Managing Member. He is responsible for setting the investment strategy for the upcoming market, approving major…

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robert barron

Robert Barron

Portfolio Manager & Head of Research | Joined Silverback in 2013

Rob joined Silverback in 2013 and has been the principal architect of the Opportunistic Credit Strategy since it commenced operations in May 2013. Prior to joining Silverback, he was a…

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robert giacomelli

Robert Giacomelli

Head of Business Development and Investor Relations | Joined Silverback in 2021

Robert joined Silverback in April 2021 and leads Business Development and Investor Relations. Prior to joining Silverback, he was an Account Executive at SAS Institute, where he advised executives in…

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laura kleber

Laura Kleber

Chief Compliance Officer | Joined Silverback in 2012

Laura directs the compliance program for the Investment Manager as an SEC registered investment adviser, which includes developing and enforcing compliance related policies and procedures and oversight of regulatory filings.…

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Jason Ham

Credit Analyst | Joined Silverback in 2012

Jason’s primary responsibilities include credit analysis of portfolio and non-portfolio companies, idea generation, and investment recommendations. Prior to joining Silverback in 2012, Jason spent six years at Bank of America…

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joseph ciampi

Joseph Ciampi

Credit Analyst |Joined Silverback in 2017

Joseph’s primary responsibilities include credit analysis of portfolio and non-portfolio companies, idea generation, and investment recommendations. Prior to joining Silverback in 2017, Joe was a Managing Director and Senior Research…

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andy ferguson

Andy Ferguson

Trader | Joined Silverback in 2018

Andy’s responsibilities include idea generation, analysis, and trading of convertible securities and other products. Prior to joining Silverback in 2018, Andy was a Partner and Trader at Raven Rock Capital…

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Tanner Bosco

Trader | Joined Silverback in 2021

Tanner’s primary responsibilities include trading of convertible securities and related products, as well as idea generation and investment analysis. Prior to joining Silverback, Tanner was one of three traders on…

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Lu Yang

Controller | Joined Silverback in 2011

Lu is responsible for the firm’s day-to-day back-office accounting and operations. Lu worked for Silverback’s operations and accounting team from 2011 to 2019 and has rejoined Silverback as Controller since…

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rich green

Rich Green

Systems Architect | Joined Silverback in 2004

Rich is responsible for developing and maintaining Silverback’s proprietary systems for analysis, data, and risk management reports. Prior to joining Silverback in 2004, Rich was a Director in Merrill Lynch’s…

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robert vercellino

Robert Vercellino

Director, Information Technology | Joined Silverback in 2004

Robert is responsible for all aspects of Silverback’s computing systems, networks, and IT security. Prior to joining Silverback in 2004, Robert was the Senior Systems Administrator at East Carolina Farm…

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daniel debrecht

Daniel Debrecht

Executive Assistant | Joined Silverback in 2018

Daniel joined Silverback in September 2018 as an Executive Assistant. Prior to joining Silverback, Daniel was a client-facing Business Manager at Mercedes-Benz of Durham where he managed cash flow, accounting…

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Kevin Kohles

Administrative Executive | Joined Silverback in 2006

Kevin’s primary responsibility is managing the firms’ finances and administrative functions. Prior to that he was the firm’s CCO and oversaw the back office operations for the Silverback funds, including…

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