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Silverback Asset Management was founded in 2002 by Elliot Bossen. It was his vision to create a hedge fund that was nimble, opportunistic and transformative. He and his team quickly made their name in convertibles and diversified credit. Years later, the team has grown to 12 professionals with depth and breadth of knowledge. Going forward, Silverback will continue to look for ways to capture market opportunities by being tactical, so that we can help our clients.


  • We believe exploring opportunities throughout the capital structure is imperative to success
  • We believe under followed small to mid-cap companies often provide asymmetric opportunities


  • Fundamental and structural credit analysis are core attributes that are central to our ability to find opportunities; thorough credit analysis is the centerpiece of risk management
  • Consistent team collaboration throughout the investment process—from idea generation to investment review to risk management—with the aim of truncating losses while capturing upside in all market environments


  • Silverback’s investment team possesses a broad knowledge of many different types of companies and has experience maintaining dialogue with management
  • Cultivated network characterized by meaningful, actionable, long-term relationships
  • Ability to move nimbly and adjust to market environment


  • Silverback is always striving to learn, implement new methods and improve processes
  • The firm works with third-party risk and analytics platform, the Kiski Group, to better understand performance
  • Engaged consultant Silver Regulatory Associates LLC to implement ESG policy and best practices


  • Uncorrelated source of Alpha*

*Per Kiski Group Analysis

Silverback is located at 1414 Raleigh Road, Suite 250, Chapel Hill, NC 27517. You can reach us at (919) 969-9300.

Chapel Hill, dubbed The Southern Part of Heaven, is home to the University of North Carolina. It is 10 miles southwest of Durham and Duke University and 25 miles northwest of Raleigh and North Carolina State University.

We feel fortunate to be headquartered here in North Carolina, separate from the herd mentality of major hedge fund centers. Our unique position allows us to think and act independently to best serve our investors.

The firm gets its name from the Silverback Gorilla. The Silverback Gorilla is known for being highly intelligent, loyal, strong, nimble, and fiercely protective. The behavioral traits that characterize the mighty Silverback, are the same qualities and attributes that define Silverback Asset Management. We lean into our name and embrace our strength. We use our edge and let it inform every decision we make and how we operate. We know who we are and we’re eager for you to know us as we know ourselves.

While Silverback’s investment mandate includes companies of all market capitalization ranges, Silverback tends to focus on small and mid-cap companies primarily in the U.S.

Silverback offers clients two distinct strategies—one is characterized as a diversified credit fund and the other is focused on convertible arbitrage. Please contact us for more details.

Silverback’s clients include qualified institutional investors across the world. This includes corporate pensions, endowments, insurance companies, and fund of funds. We also manage money on behalf of accredited investors.

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